Clique Mag Spring Edition 2016

Read the mag and recipe here!

What a pleasure it was to share another recipe for the spring edition of Clique Mag! Being a closet veggie lover it wasn't hard work putting this yummy cauli flower dish together.

Perhaps you’re scarred from childhood memories of overcooked and flavourless cauliflower, or watery cauliflower cheese, but before you turn your nose up at ‘old mate’ cauliflower, I urge you to give this recipe a go. Cauliflower is a versatile beast – from silky smooth purees and soups, to gratins oozing with creamy, cheesy goodness – the humble cauliflower will be your new best friend when it’s given the barbecue treatment.

Lashings of burnt butter and miso vinaigrette basting, the smoky notes of the grill, along with the umami flavour given by the miso, transform this unassuming vegetable into a mouth-watering dish that even the meat eaters will love. Accompanied by a crisp salad showing off Spring’s bounty of peas and fennel, this dish gives our old friend the cauliflower a moment in the limelight.