Crispy Rice Pancakes - Mystery Box Style

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Crispy Rice Pancakes - Mystery Box Style

Left over rice? Curry? Forgotten rogue veggies in your crisper? This recipe is the one for you.

Today approximately 20% of food that we buy is wasted. Shocking right? This means approximately 1 out of every 5 shopping bags heads straight to landfill. The impact our choices have on the environment are enormous, and I am a firm believer that every little bit counts. Turning back the clock to a more frugal way of life not only positively affects the environment, but also saves us a whole lot of money. This recipe champions the environmental penny pinchers within us by utilising leftovers – those sad limp vegetables forgotten in the crisper, the remains of last nights curry and even uses day old rice.

As the season changes and cold winter nights take over, I find myself cooking more curries. Often left with a meagre amount, not quite enough for another meal, I have found ways to bulk up last nights offering and turn it into something more delicious. This recipe is incredibly flexible, you can go South-East Asian, Indian or freestyle it. I have included two different dressings to help you make the most of your leftovers, although a squirt of sriracha or soy sauce will suffice if you are that way inclined. The nuoc cham works brilliantly with Vietnamese or Thai flavours such as Thai curries, left over noodle salads or stir-fried vegetables, while the raita works best with Indian flavours such as dahl, chickpeas or leftover curry. If you have a rogue carrot, a floret of broccoli or an onion you can make this recipe, and while the day old rice is recommended, the recipe can be made without it.

KFC - Korean Fried Chicken (For the WIN!)

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KFC - Korean Fried Chicken

There are many ways to fry a chicken. It seems that nearly every culture has had a crack from Southern America to Japan. However, once you go Korean fried, trust me, you won’t go back.

KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) first graced mouths towards the late 1970s and is thought to have immerged into Korean kitchens from the American military presence during the Korean War. The mouth-watering versions of the dish we know today are the result of locals adapting recipes to Korean tastebuds. Seriously speedy to prepare and more delicious than any drive thru, this recipe certainly won’t leave a dent your hip pocket either. The twice-fried recipe allows for maximum fat rendering and ultimate crispiness which results in it being surprisingly not greasy. Should vego be more your thing give sweet potato or eggplant a go as both work tremendously well.

Best enjoyed with friends, paired with an ice-cold beer and served with kimchi or pickled daikon, this recipe is finger licking good in the best kind of way.


Gut Tastic Ferment-y Radishes!

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Fermented Radishes For Beginners

My love of fermented food is something that only continues to grow and grow. Aside from all the wonderful health benefits, the fact that fermented food just taste so damn good is essentially what keeps me going back for more. Known for being excellent for restoring gut health, increasing vitamin levels in veggies, having cancer fighting properties as well as helping to remove toxins from the body, it seems that the benefits of fermentation to food is an impressively long list. Once you get a taste for the funky ferment fizz, your body will naturally keep craving the goodness.

New to fermenting? Radishes are great place to start. These versatile little jewels just love the ferment action and lose some of their heat when fermented and instead take on a much more mellow but zingy taste.

Perfect for cheeseboards, salads, slaws or piled generously into a bahn mi or roasted meat roll, these bad boys elevate the simplest of dishes and will have you munching on them straight from the jar.

Radishes are available almost all year round in French, heirloom or Asian varietals, any of which will suffice in this recipe. Of course, if radish ain’t your bag, give any old veggie a whirl instead. Cabbage, carrot and beetroot all ferment brilliantly and work wonderfully with an array of seasonings too. Fresh turmeric, ginger, garlic and chilli will punch up the flavour along with dried spices such as fennel, cumin or coriander seeds. Be wary though, a little goes a long way when fermenting, so generally one clove of garlic per jar is plenty.

Fermenting veggies provides maximum reward for almost next to no effort and will most certainly have both your tummy and your taste buds buzzing contentedly. Simply put, everything tastes better with a side order of fermentation – and your body will love you for it.

Clique Mag Spring Edition 2016

What a pleasure it was to share another recipe for the spring edition of Clique Mag! Being a closet veggie lover it wasn't hard work putting this yummy cauli flower dish together.

Perhaps you’re scarred from childhood memories of overcooked and flavourless cauliflower, or watery cauliflower cheese, but before you turn your nose up at ‘old mate’ cauliflower, I urge you to give this recipe a go. Cauliflower is a versatile beast – from silky smooth purees and soups, to gratins oozing with creamy, cheesy goodness – the humble cauliflower will be your new best friend when it’s given the barbecue treatment.

Lashings of burnt butter and miso vinaigrette basting, the smoky notes of the grill, along with the umami flavour given by the miso, transform this unassuming vegetable into a mouth-watering dish that even the meat eaters will love. Accompanied by a crisp salad showing off Spring’s bounty of peas and fennel, this dish gives our old friend the cauliflower a moment in the limelight.

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Clique Mag Winter Edition

What a pleasure it was to share my (favourite) dumpling recipe for the winter edition of Clique Mag! I love love love this recipe... it includes all my favourite things. Chilli jam, black vinegar and salt bush!

Oh, and while I'm at it... I love love love LOVE this cover shot! STUNNING edition team!  

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